Provo Water Laboratory


Provo Water Company's Water Quality Department (WQD) stands as the sole internationally accredited water testing laboratory in the Turks and Caicos Islands, specializing in the analysis of drinking water for chemical and microbiological contamination. Annually, the WQD conducts over 18,000 tests from reservoirs and the distribution system, ensuring customers receive the highest water quality possible. Since 1997, a broad spectrum of services has been provided to residential and commercial clients.


Beginning with the careful monitoring of water in the distribution system throughout Providenciales, WQD conducts a wide array of microbiological, chemical, and physical tests to ensure water quality. Continuous monitoring and regular testing at numerous water sampling stations across Providenciales are integral parts of our proactive approach to safeguarding water quality. Rest assured, our laboratory operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 international standards, and we are accredited by the ANAB, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and trustworthy water quality testing services.

Our Staff

Actively engaged in industry associations such as the American Water Works Association and the Water Quality Association, our technical representatives contribute valuable insights and expertise. They are also involved in organizations like the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association, further enhancing our collective knowledge and capabilities.

Customer Service

At WQD, customer service reigns supreme. Our dedicated service representatives are readily available to address any queries or concerns, whether it's regarding water quality issues, sample collection, delivery of test results, or anything else you may need assistance with.

Specialist drinking water testing & analysis

When did you last test your tap water quality? Provo Water Company adheres to rigorous standards established by the World Health Organization to guarantee top-notch water in the distribution system. Yet, once water enters private premises or commercial buildings, factors like pipes, storage tanks, and local distribution systems can impact its quality. Additionally, properties relying on private water sources may require testing for quality assurance.

Mains Water Analysis

A suite of tests for main-fed water systems covering metal and chemical parameters.

Private Home Testing

A suite of tests covering metal and chemical parameters specifically for private water supplies, wells and borehole fed systems.

Microbiological Testing

Specialist analysis for a range of microbial parameters for private pools and private systems.