MultiGenerational Living

A New Era of Community and Comfort

In recent years, the concept of multigenerational living has gained significant traction across the United States, with a noteworthy 18% of households now embracing this lifestyle. According to a Pew Research Center study, approximately 60 million people were living in multigenerational households in 2021, a striking fourfold increase since 1971. This shift reflects changing societal dynamics and economic necessities, underscoring a profound transformation in how we think about housing and community.

At HAB Group, we are keenly aware of these evolving trends. As we develop The Cay Club and enhance our golf course, we find ourselves contemplating the opportunities of multigenerational housing. This model not only aligns with the needs of modern families but also resonates with our vision of fostering inclusive, vibrant communities.

The Financial Benefits of Multigenerational Living
One of the primary drivers behind the rise in multigenerational living is financial practicality. In the Pew survey, respondents highlighted the significant cost savings associated with this living arrangement. By sharing a home, families can reduce expenses related to housing, utilities, food, and transportation. 

At The Cay Club, we recognize that these economic benefits are crucial for many families. Our development is designed to support this lifestyle with spacious villas that accommodate the needs of extended families. Each villa, will be set on a generous 1/3-acre lot, featuring contemporary RAD architecture that promises luxury and individuality. With golf club views, our homes will provide an ideal setting for multigenerational living.

Space and Design for Modern Families
When it comes to multigenerational living, space is paramount. Families need room to accommodate various activities, from working remotely to ensuring each generation has its own private space.   A typical multigenerational home often exceeds 4,000 square feet and includes at least four bedrooms.

Our villas at The Cay Club have been meticulously designed to meet these needs. Each home offers ample space, with layouts that promote both communal living and private retreats. The combination of thoughtful architecture and luxurious finishes will ensure that every family member, from grandparents to grandchildren, can enjoy comfort and privacy.

Community Amenities for a Holistic Lifestyle
Beyond the homes themselves, The Cay Club is to be enriched with an array of amenities that cater to residents. We have curated a selection of facilities that promote wellness, recreation, and social interaction, to foster a sense of community among residents.

The wellness fitness trail invites families to enjoy outdoor activities together, while the 25-meter lap pool and state-of-the-art gym will support a healthy, active lifestyle. For relaxation, the sauna and steam rooms will provide a tranquil escape and offer opportunities for rejuvenation. Additionally, the event and yoga pavilion will serve as a versatile space for gatherings, classes, and celebrations, further enhancing the communal experience.

The Future of Multigenerational Living
As we continue to develop The Cay Club and our golf course, we remain committed to creating environments that support and enhance multigenerational living. This approach not only addresses the practical needs of modern families but also aligns with broader societal trends towards more inclusive, community-oriented living spaces.

Multigenerational households are not just about economic savings; they represent a shift towards deeper familial connections and shared responsibilities. By living together, families can foster closer relationships, provide mutual support, and create a nurturing environment for all members.

At HAB Group, we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement. Our developments are more than just homes; they are communities designed to enrich the lives of our residents, regardless of age or stage in life. As we look to the future, we are committed to continuing our legacy of innovation and excellence in real estate, always with an eye towards the evolving needs of our clients.

The trend towards multigenerational living is a testament to the changing dynamics of family life and housing needs. At The Cay Club, we are embracing this trend with open arms, offering luxurious, spacious homes that cater to the unique requirements of extended families. Our comprehensive amenities and thoughtful community design ensure that residents can enjoy a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by family and friends.

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