Teamwork makes the dream work

At HAB, our vibrant team boasts 20 nationalities, reflecting our deep commitment to caring for people. We celebrate diversity as a cornerstone of our culture, fostering a sense of belonging among our employees. This inclusivity drives our success in the Turks and Caicos, where we’re known for our integrity and respect. Beyond our walls, we champion social progress, advocating for inclusive policies and supporting community wellbeing. With our reach, we recognize the power to effect positive change, ensuring both people and planet thrive in harmony. At HAB, our mission extends beyond profit—we’re dedicated to setting a compassionate standard in our industry.


To provide the best possible experience for our clients and gain their lifetime loyalty by delivering value and customer satisfaction, while creating a secure working environment for our staff and contributing positively to the community in which we live and work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a thriving community by developing our area sustainably, prioritizing environmental preservation, and fostering the well-being of our staff. Through innovative practices and a commitment to excellence, we aim to create a harmonious environment where residents and employees alike can thrive and prosper.


A successful team is not just a collection of individuals but a cohesive unit driven by a shared vision and supported by strong leadership. It's often said that a team is only as successful as the leadership behind it, and this rings true. Under the guidance of a strong leader like our CEO Charles Firlotte, our teamwork is thriving. His clear vision and unwavering support inspire collaboration, innovation, and a collective drive towards growth and success. With strong leadership paving the way, HAB employees are empowered to achieve greatness together.

Paul Slattery

HAB's Director of Development

Robert C. Hall

Managing Director of Provo Water Company

Cora Malcolm

HAB's Chief Technology Officer

Jared Fulton

Managing Director of Eco Habitat / Turks & Caicos Water

Veronica Rigby

HAB's Human Resource Manager

Sherry Bell Parker

PWC, Water Quality Manager

Dave Douglas

Director of Golf, Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club

Financial Controller


At HAB, camaraderie isn't just a concept; it's our way of life. Within our team, we cherish the bonds of friendship and trust, both inside and outside the office walls. This camaraderie is the heartbeat of our success, fueling our ability to collaborate, innovate, and communicate with mutual respect. In our close-knit environment, every team member feels valued and heard. We freely share ideas, challenge each other respectfully, and embrace continuous learning as a collective journey. This sense of unity and connection is what sets us apart. We know firsthand the power of strong camaraderie. It's the driving force behind our achievements. At HAB, we're not just colleagues; we're a family united by a shared purpose. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for our company and our community.

Embracing Diversity

We proudly embrace diversity from every corner of the globe—from Turks, Bahamas, Canada, UK, France, Haiti, Jamaica, Thailand, Philippines, and beyond. Our rich cultural tapestry not only shapes our beliefs and behaviors but also defines our unique identities. We cherish this diversity as it enriches our workplace, fostering innovation and inclusivity. By welcoming diverse perspectives and talents, we empower individuals to flourish, driving creativity, problem-solving, and ultimately, business success. Together, our varied backgrounds inspire a wealth of solutions and approaches, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic environment where every voice is valued.

Open Communication

At HAB, we thrive on clear and friendly communication, which is crucial to our success. When our team members feel comfortable asking for help and know what's expected of them, we all flourish. Even in complex projects, open dialogue keeps us on track and fosters a supportive environment. Crafting a warm and effective communication strategy is key to our continued growth and harmony.

Putting The Ego Aside

At HAB, we're a tight-knit group dedicated to putting ego aside and embracing collaboration. Each of us understands the power of diverse perspectives, willingly seeking input even if it challenges our own views. This humility fuels our innovative solutions and collective success.


At HAB, we believe in learning from every step of the journey, especially the stumbles. Embracing failure isn't about bruising egos; it's about growing stronger together. When we take responsibility for our actions, we pave the way for success, no matter the challenge. Encouraging this mindset among our team isn't just about improving results—it's about nurturing a supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to thrive. Together, we're not just learning from our mistakes; we're building a brighter future, one lesson at a time.


At HAB, we're all about fostering a culture where every team member feels empowered to take ownership. When we embrace responsibility for our actions and mindset, we pave the way for success in every endeavor. Encouraging this sense of ownership isn't just about boosting productivity—it's about creating a supportive and fulfilling environment where everyone can thrive and grow personally and professionally.


At HAB, we prioritize employee development because we believe it's the cornerstone of success. Offering diverse learning opportunities, from team-building exercises to professional certifications, empowers our team to grow and contribute effectively. By investing in their growth, we not only enhance skills but also foster a culture of engagement and resilience, making our team uniquely prepared for any task.