Caribbean Life

Living in the Turks and Caicos Islands has provied us with a unique insight into experiences our islands offer.  Through interactions with expatriates and locals alike, it becomes evident that despite our individual characteristics, common challenges and joys are shared. 

“Island time, sunsets and diesel cars do exist!

Embracing Island Time:
The concept of punctuality takes on a different meaning in Turks! Adaptation to the relaxed pace of life, influenced by factors like the laid-back island vibe, tropical heat, and occasional nonchalance, becomes totally and more “fun” necessary.  

Indulging in the Drinking Culture:
In the Caribbean, every day feels like a celebration, with locals and tourists alike partaking in the vibrant drinking culture. The availability of beachside bars, affordable rum, and a perpetual holiday atmosphere often leads to a significant increase in alcohol consumption among newcomers. 

Shopping Expeditions to Miami:
Yea …Miami …forget Griselda … Miami, Dadeland, Aventura and more suddenly become the center of the universe!  Given the logistical challenges and higher costs associated with importing goods to the islands – it suddenly becomes affordable to visit South Beach for a long shopping weekend for a dose of retail therapy.

Weekend Escapes Feel Like Vacation:
Friends and family will never understand, that your week is exactly the same as theirs.  You get up, have breakfast, go to work, have lunch and come home.  Weekends though, unlike “home” are filled with sunshine, lively parties and outdoor adventures, the region’s abundant recreational opportunities ensure that weekends are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.

Mastering Basic Car Maintenance:
Navigating the Caribbean’s rugged terrain and challenging weather conditions necessitates a degree of self-sufficiency when it comes to vehicle maintenance. From coping with potholes and extreme temperatures to mastering the art of jump-starts and tire changes, acquiring basic automotive skills becomes essential for survival.

Get a Grip on Grocery:
Providenciales has a fabulous supermarket, but it will never be like the USA/UK. Adopt a flexible approach and enjoy the ingredients that you can purchase locally. 

Embracing the Eternal Summer:
The TCI’s idyllic climate, characterized by warm temperatures and gentle trade winds, offers a perpetual summer experience. While the absence of traditional seasons may be disorienting at first, the allure of endless sunshine and balmy evenings quickly becomes a cherished aspect of island life.

The main launguage of Turks is English, but our neighbours are a diverse population speaking both French and Spanish.  It is actually worth the time learning to speak a second language.

Battling Mosquito Infestations:
Bugs, bugs, bugs.  You will have to learn to live with bugs, especially in the rainy season.  While visitors are adapting, they just need to go with strong bug spray. 

Navigating Island Hopping Challenges:
Despite the region’s geographical proximity, island hopping in the Caribbean presents logistical and financial challenges, often involving expensive airfares and frequent delays. Planning and patience are key when undertaking inter-island travel, with flexibility and resilience essential qualities for navigating the complexities of regional transportation.

Friends and Connections:
How good a friend am I?  It is hard to let go of good friends, but the transient nature of relationships in the Caribbean, characterized by frequent visits from friends and family and frenuent emigration of friends requires resilience and emotional fortitude when saying goodbye. While the joy of reunions is palpable, the bittersweet reality of farewells serves as a reminder of the transient nature of island life.

Appreciating Spectacular Sunsets:
Yes, they are better on Grace Bay!